1 2 3: Turn the Wheels – Learn to Count

1 2 3: Turn the Wheels – Learn to Count



Turn the wheels, learn to count! Eight easy-to-turn wheels make learning to count fun. Interactive pages teach numbers – from one toy boat to twenty mugs of tea. Engaging games help children to add and subtract – rotate the dial to find the correct numbers, seek out seven mice, add up the apples, pair up the boots, take away Tom’s balloon, and much more. It is divided into basic themes such as In the Toyshop, Count the Animals, Farm Fun, and How Many Shapes? It is built to last, with sturdy board pages that will stand up to repeated use. Specially created to be fun to learn, this novelty die-cut book will encourage babies and toddlers to talk, focus, and learn about numbers – with a twist! How many dinosaurs are there? One? No! Turn. . . turn. . . Two? Keep going! Twist. . . twist. . . What’s a cow doing there? Try again! Spin. . . spin. . . That’s right – four dinosaurs! There are eight cardboard wheels built into the book, which revolve to show different numbers and pictures and are visible on every page. How many ducks are there in the farmyard? One? No! Turn. . . turn. . . Eight? Try again! Twist. . . twist. . . Wait a minute, those are fish, not ducks. Keep going! Spin. . . spin. . . There they are – that makes ten ducks in total. Well done! Jan Lewis’ bright drawings of everyday items, friendly people, cute animals and toys make this book a wonderful aid to learning that small children will want to return to again and again.

Board Book

10 pages, illustrations throughout

Published: 2015 by Anness Publishing

ISBN: 9781861476616

Dimensions: 312 x 313 x 11mm

Author(s): Jan Lewis


1 2 3: Turn the Wheels – Learn to Count Board Book Edition by Jan Lewis

Suggested Age Group(s): Toddlers, 3 to 5 year olds,