100 Screen-Free Ways To Beat Boredom

100 Screen-Free Ways To Beat Boredom


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Pocket your smartphone, put away your tablet, and unplug your games console! Packed with short activity ideas and step-by-step project instructions, this fun-filled book proves you don’t need lots of special materials, bought toys, or planning to have a great time away from a screen. From craft, to cooking, gardening to games, this great resource book is jam-packed with fun activities to dip into whenever kids are bored or need a boost to get them off the couch. Including projects, games and activities for in the home, outdoors, and while travelling, this is the perfect book to spark kids’ imagination, away from the computer screen.

Paperback Book

96 pages

Published: 2018 by QED Publishing

ISBN: 9781784932640

Dimensions: 173 x 245 x 14mm

Author(s): Kris Hirschmann


100 Screen-Free Ways To Beat Boredom Paperback Book Edition by Kris Hirschmann

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