11+ Essentials Creative Writing Examples Book 1

11+ Essentials Creative Writing Examples Book 1



Replaces ISBN 9781908684943. Creative Writing Examples presents 11 plus students with a variety of high-quality, creative writing pieces, written by their peers in preparation for their exam. This book is designed to address the key elements of the 11 plus creative writing exam, using real creative pieces as examples. It contains 33 questions and extracts reflective of independent and grammar school exams, varying from fictional pieces that are full of colourful descriptions and interesting characters, to non-fictional letters and essays. These examples are a brilliant tool for your child to use in preparation for the exam. In the creative writing exam, your child could be given a range fiction or non-fiction briefs, a visual stimulus, a piece of text from which they have to continue the story, or an essay title. This book is divided into distinct sections, with a number of example pieces in each. Examining these extracts and completing the accompanying activities will give your child a better understanding of what is required of them in the exam. Alongside these activities, each story is partnered with a checklist and space for your child to write feedback. The checklist provides a list of what a good piece of creative writing should include, or what examiners are commonly looking for and rewarding, while the feedback creates your child’s own list of what works well and what could be improved. Each section ends with an exam question for your child to put into practice what they have learnt, as well as teacher’s comments to provide an insight into a marker’s mind.

Paperback Book

Published: 2017 by Eleven Plus Exams

ISBN: 9781912364176

Dimensions: 212 x 297 x 10mm



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