123 Montessori Touch Bingo

123 Montessori Touch Bingo



In an entertaining little market, an engrossing game of Montessori touch bingo! Thanks to the emery-polished tokens and to the progressive counters from 1 to 9, children can complete their own cards with the numbers and quantities, thus learning to make their first sums.


  • 6 Bingo cards
  • 18 number-tokens
  • 18 quantity-counters
  • Organic-cotton bag
  • Teaching guide

Playtime: 30 minutes

Number of Players: 1+

Recommended Age: 3-6 Years

Educational Benefits of 123 Montessori Touch Bingo by HeadU

  • Recognise numbers
  • Compare quantities
  • Associate numbers with quantities
  • Learn to count
  • Recognize numerical sequences
  • Develop tactile sensitivity

Educational Video 123 Montessori Touch Bingo