A Finder’s Magic

A Finder’s Magic



A beautifully crafted fantastical mystery from Philippa Pearce, one of the twentieth century’s greatest children’s novelists, with beautiful illustrations by Helen Craig. A mysterious stranger called Mr Finder offers to help Till find his dog, and they interview various witnesses including a heron, a mole, a riddling cat – and Miss Mousey, whose sketch of a peaceful riverbank offers a vital clue. The quest to find Bess is full of magic but Till begins to mistrust his supposed ally Mr Finder – until at last he realizes the truth, and they track down the real culprit, a finder who likes to keep what he finds. At the end of this enchanting story Till is reunited with his beloved Bess and a new book – of the story – will be born.

Paperback Book

128 pages

Published: 2016 by Walker Books

ISBN: 9781406367751

Dimensions: 131 x 197 x 12mm

Author(s): Philippa Pearce


A Finder’s Magic Paperback Book Edition by Philippa Pearce

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