Alice Through the Looking-Glass

Alice Through the Looking-Glass



This beautiful title brings together Carroll’s complete and unabridged classic story with remarkable illustrations by award-winning artist Robert Ingpen. When Alice steps through the looking-glass in the drawing room, she finds herself in a bizarre and nonsensical world, where chess pieces walk about and talk and nothing is quite as it seems. . . New readers and devoted fans alike will enjoy exploring with Alice through the looking-glass in this sumptuous volume. Robert Ingpen breathes his magic into this magnificent edition of a classic children’s tale that never fails to capture the imagination.

Hardback Book

192 pages

Published: 2015 by Templar Publishing

ISBN: 9781783701841

Dimensions: 245 x 205 x 29mm



Alice Through the Looking-Glass Hardback Book Edition by

Part of The Popular Series: Templar Classics: Ingpen

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