All Aboard the Dinosaur Express

All Aboard the Dinosaur Express


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The Dinosaur Express is the most exciting train you have ever seen – so climb aboard, it’s just about to set off!The engine’s like a T. rex head, the carriages have scales!It’s faster than a pterosaur – it flies along the rails!The stegosaurus stationmaster blows his whistle – yes!”All aboard! All aboard the Dinosaur Express!”With doors like pterodactyl wings and seats as comfy as allosaurus paws, the Dinosaur Express is a train like no other. These little dinosaurs can’t believe their eyes as the mighty train pulls into the station and, what do you know, one very lucky dinosaur might even get picked to drive the train!

Paperback Book

32 pages

Published: 2015 by Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781408849361

Dimensions: 247 x 275 x 10mm

Author(s): Timothy Knapman


All Aboard the Dinosaur Express Paperback Book Edition by Timothy Knapman

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