Discover the NATO phonetic alphabet – and find layers of connection in every letter – in an enchanting alphabet book from celebrated artist Isabelle Arsenault, illustrator of Jane, the Fox, and Me. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie… Since 1956, whenever time and clarity are of the essence, everyone from fire fighters to air traffic controllers has spelled out messages using the NATO phonetic alphabet. Now, with equal precision – infused with a singular wit and whimsy – the award-winning Isabelle Arsenault, illustrator of Jane, the Fox, and Me, interprets this internationally recognized code and makes it her own. From the elegant Tango to the enigmatic Echo, from the humorous Kilo to the haunting Romeo and Juliet, the striking art in this remarkable ABC book elicits laughter and curiosity, calls up endless associations, and will draw the reader back again and again.

Hardback Book

64 pages

Published: 2015 by Walker Books

ISBN: 9781406361834

Dimensions: 240 x 238 x 13mm

Author(s): Isabelle Arsenault


Alpha Hardback Book Edition by Isabelle Arsenault

Suggested Age Group(s):