Amazing Baby Flash Cards

Amazing Baby Flash Cards


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Amazing Baby[trademark] flashcards are an ideal way for parents to help develop their child’s vocabulary. Twenty-six key words are presented on these flashcards, and accompanied by strong, visual graphics and icons that baby will be able to identify. Once baby’s vocabulary has developed, the parent is encouraged to use the cards to initiate conversation, using three key questions printed on the back of each card – such as ‘What colour is the car?’ or ‘What sound does a cat make?’. It has four photographic flashcards to introduce more complex concepts such as ‘happy’ or ‘sad’, and six textured cards to add appeal and interest to the process of developing vocabulary.

Card Pack

colour illustrations

Published: 2006 by Templar Publishing

ISBN: 9781904513377

Dimensions: 197 x 114 x 26mm

Author(s): Beth Harwood


Amazing Baby Flash Cards Card Pack Edition by Beth Harwood

Suggested Age Group(s): Babies, Toddlers,