Amazing History of Castles & Knights

Amazing History of Castles & Knights


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Find out about the costumes and weaponry of Europe’s crusading knights, and take a glimpse at the fearless Samurai warriors of Japan. Meet the humble laundry maid, the elegant lady, the blacksmith sweating in his forge, and the young squire learning to joust and fight. Step-by-step projects allow you to don a knight’s helmet, make a working trebuchet, and much more. Fantastic photographs and detailed illustrations bring the world of knights, tournaments, battles, sieges and heraldry to life, and make a perfect fun learning book.

Hardback Book

64 pages, illustrations

Published: 2015 by Anness Publishing

ISBN: 9781861477170

Dimensions: 226 x 292 x 12mm



Amazing History of Castles & Knights Hardback Book Edition by

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