Amazing History of Wizards & Witches

Amazing History of Wizards & Witches


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Sort the facts from the fairy tales and trace the evolution of wizardry – from Stone Age rituals with gruesome horned gods, through to the modern day, where magicians fair and foul dominate the big screen. Learn about the barbaric witch-hunts that swept across Europe and America, when ordinary people were put to death just because they looked different or behaved oddly. Find out about the arts of the witch, from secret potion recipes to mystic animal companions, and the real-life quest for the Philosopher’s Stone!

Hardback Book

64 pages, Over 340 pictures

Published: 2016 by Anness Publishing

ISBN: 9781861477316

Dimensions: 293 x 225 x 11mm

Author(s): Paul Dowswell


Amazing History of Wizards & Witches Hardback Book Edition by Paul Dowswell

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