Amazing World of Mummies

Amazing World of Mummies


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This title offers a wonderful overview of mummies and tombs throughout history, which looks at the facts behind the fantasy, featuring action-packed text and stunning visuals. It includes more than 10 fun interactive projects to make and do – including a hawk-like headmask and a Pharoah’s boat. Over 300 photographs and illustrations bring the past to life. It takes you on a journey into the extraordinary world of life after death. Delve into the dark secrets of the mummies of ancient Egypt and the tombs of beautiful princesses and warrior kings. Discover how some people went to great lengths to ensure a good life for themselves after death. Page by page you will discover how to preserve a body, and about magic charms, mysterious gods and secret spells. Meet the Chinese emperors who were buried with vast armies of model soldiers, a jade princess and the little Sicilian girl painstakingly preserved by her father. Find out how scientists of today piece together the faces and everyday life of the past from the remains of the dead, and how some bodies were preserved quite by chance – by natural forces.

Paperback Book

64 pages, colour Illustrations

Published: 2009 by Anness Publishing

ISBN: 9781844766086

Dimensions: 295 x 229 x 6mm

Author(s): Fiona MacDonald


Amazing World of Mummies Paperback Book Edition by Fiona MacDonald

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