From the mighty river that runs through it to the tropical rainforest that surrounds it, this is the complete story of the Amazon River for children. Discover all there is to know about life in, on, and around the world-famous Amazon River. Learn about the river’s geography, its source and the countries through which it flows, and the stunning and diverse ecosystems it has helped create. Find out about the many animals that live in its waters, from flesh-eating piranha and the arapaima (the world’s largest freshwater fish) to giant otters and the Amazon’s amazing river dolphins. See the diverse array of animals that live around the river, from fearsome predators, including the jaguar (the Amazon’s largest predator), the caiman, the harpy eagle, and the green anaconda, to colourful birds, unique species of monkey, and a collection of the world’s most-poisonous frogs. Read all about the ancient civilizations that used to inhabit the area, the myths and legends they created, and the indigenous tribes who call the forest their home today. And learn all about the extensive efforts that are being made to preserve this amazing ecosystem. Packed with stunning photography and overflowing with mind-blowing facts, Eyewitness Amazon is the perfect book for any child who wants to know more about the world’s most famous river and its rainforest.

Paperback Book

72 pages

Published: 2015 by Dorling Kindersley

ISBN: 9780241187630

Dimensions: 218 x 280 x 8mm

Author(s): DK


Amazon Paperback Book Edition by DK

Part of The Popular Series: Eyewitness

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