Amy Lee and the Darkness Hex

Amy Lee and the Darkness Hex


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Something is terribly wrong in Amy Lee’s Land of Love. A strange purple cloud has appeared on the horizon, and Amy discovers that the trees are all dying in the forest. Can Amy defeat the dark forces threatening her beloved kingdom? This illustrated novel brings to life the richly imagined world of Minecraft’s AmyLee33, in a high-adventure quest that will leave fans laughing, gasping in shock, and saying, “Loves it! “

Paperback Book

192 pages

Published: 2017 by Scholastic

ISBN: 9781407172231

Dimensions: 155 x 191 x 15mm

Author(s): Amy Lee


Amy Lee and the Darkness Hex Paperback Book Edition by Amy Lee

Part of The Popular Series: Amy Lee

Suggested Age Group(s): 8 to 11 year olds,