An Elephant in the Garden

An Elephant in the Garden



A thrilling and moving novel about an extraordinary animal caught up in a very human war, for anyone who loved The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips or The Butterfly Lion. . . By the award-winning former Children’s Laureate and author of War Horse. Dresden, 1945. Elizabeth and Karli’s mother works at the zoo, where her favourite animal is a young elephant named Marlene. Then the zoo director tells her that the dangerous animals – including the elephants – must be shot before the town is bombed. Unable to give Marlene up, their mother moves her into the back garden to save her. . . and then the bombs start to fall. Their home destroyed, the whole family must flee the bombed-out city and through the perilous, snow-covered landscape, all the while avoiding the Russian troops who are drawing ever closer. It would be hard enough to do, without an elephant in tow. . .

Paperback Book

240 pages

Published: 2011 by HarperCollins Publishers

ISBN: 9780007339587

Dimensions: 198 x 131 x 19mm

Author(s): Michael Morpurgo


An Elephant in the Garden Paperback Book Edition by Michael Morpurgo

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