Ananda Our Generation Professional Decorator Our Generation Doll

Ananda Our Generation Professional Decorator Our Generation Doll


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Time to get a little messy with Ananda, the Our Generation Professional Decorator. She knows her way around a paint brush or a hammer, so she’s ready to decorate any room. Whether it’s painting, hanging pictures or sorting out that broken chair, Our Generation Ananda has it covered.

Our Generation Ananda knows her overalls have paint splattered on them, but at least it wasn’t the carpet. And safety is always on her mind when she’s using her hammer or saw, so don’t forget the safety glasses.

“If it’s broken, I’ll fix it! Time to choose the perfect paint colours for this room!”

Ananda is a non-poseable Our Generation Professional Decorator, so she turns at the neck, shoulders and hips, to easily reach up to paint ceilings, or bend over to pick up tools.

When the working day is over, Our Generation Ananda needs to get rid of all that paint, so she could use the OG Bath and Bubbles Set to take a relaxing bubble bath with bath salts and her rubber duck. And don’t forget those paint-covered overalls, they could use a go with the Our Generation Tumble and Spin Laundry Set.


  • 1 18″ non-poseable doll
  • 1 t-shirt
  • 1 pair of overalls
  • 1 pair of undies
  • 1 belt
  • 1 pair of boots
  • 1 roller tray
  • 1 paint roller
  • 1 measuring tape
  • 1 hacksaw
  • 1 hammer
  • 1 paint brush
  • 1 paint bucket
  • 1 pair of safety glasses
  • 1 colour chart

18 inch (45cm) Our Generation Professional Doll

Age 3+