Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome


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This is the book that’s online – with a dedicated website and all the latest links. All the latest information is now at your fingertips! “E. Explore: Ancient Rome” is a unique combination of a book and a website, created with Google[trademark], the world’s most popular search engine. Use the book to read all about ancient Rome, then go online to the safe and secure website to discover more. Go back in time to the Roman Empire. From blood-thirsty gladiatorial contests to thrilling chariot races, find out what life was really like for Romans and the people they conquered. Over 1,000 live and updated internet links give you all the latest information. Choose from hundreds of fantastic downloadable pictures, videos, animations, virtual tours, quizzes, realtime-reports and more. Linked to the National Curriculum, it’s perfect for projects, or just for fun, so homework need never be boring again.

Hardback Book

96 pages, colour ill

Published: 2007 by Penguin Books

ISBN: 9781405313322




Ancient Rome Hardback Book Edition by

Part of The Popular Series: E. Explore

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