Animal Coats : Band 02a/Red a

Animal Coats : Band 02a/Red a


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When it rains, we put on a raincoat to protect ourselves. Animals have coats to protect themselves, too. Discover all the different types of coats that can be found in the wild, and discuss what they might be useful for, in this photographic non-fiction report. * Red A/Band 2A books offer predictable text with familiar objects and actions, combined with simple story development. * Children can re-cap the stages of the book on pages 14-15. * Text type: A simple information book * Curriculum links: Science: Plants and animals in the local environment

Paperback Book

16 pages

Published: 2011 by HarperCollins Publishers

ISBN: 9780007412860

Dimensions: 211 x 200 x 1mm

Author(s): Claire Llewellyn


Animal Coats : Band 02a/Red a Paperback Book Edition by Claire Llewellyn

Part of The Popular Series: Collins Big Cat

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