Animal Friends Bingo Playset

Animal Friends Bingo Playset


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Join in the fun with this fantastic playset! Meet a band of happy monkeys, elephants and zebras in the playful Animal Friends storybook, and then learn all about baby animals in the colourful Baby Animals storybook. Then set up the game and have fun spotting your favourite animal pairs! This super storybook and bingo game set contains two sturdy board books, six bingo boards and 36 bingo cards. Perfect for little ones who love animals!

Novelty Book

28 pages

Published: 2018 by Little Tiger Press Group

ISBN: 9781848698970

Dimensions: 164 x 208 x 58mm

Author(s): Kasia Nowowiejska


Animal Friends Bingo Playset Novelty Book Edition by Kasia Nowowiejska

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