Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom



Find out how animal bodies work and explore animal habitats, from the home of polar bears in the frozen Arctic to the Namib Desert where horses have adapted to the hot, dry climate. Discover the specialist, physical abilities of wild animals and learn about animal survival strategies and natural defences. Study the quest for food and discover the different ways in which insects, reptiles, birds and mammals give birth and raise their young. Learn about the social behaviour of insects, crocodiles, sharks, birds and mammals, how they interact with humans and how humans are endangering the lives of animals. This is the ideal reference book for 8- to 12-year-olds for home or school. Each highly illustrated section in this comprehensive volume provides detailed information on different aspects of animal life. Informative images show the animals in close-up, bringing to life the ordered world of the ant’s nest and getting up close to the rough texture of a puff adder’s scales and a leopard’s distinctive spots. Action shots capture the drama of swimming schools of hammerhead sharks and the emergence of a baby snake from its egg. “Animal Kingdom: Life in the Wild” enables you to study how animal anatomy works, using full-colour, cross-sectional diagrams to reveal bone structure, internal organs and muscular structure – and it shows how animal bodies have developed amazing physical characteristics in order to survive.

Hardback Book

512 pages, colour Illustrations

Published: 2009 by Anness Publishing

ISBN: 9780754819639

Dimensions: 177 x 226 x 37mm

Author(s): Michael Chinery


Animal Kingdom Hardback Book Edition by Michael Chinery

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