Animal Music

Animal Music



There’s harmony in the air when the animals get together to make music and put on a concert with a difference!Koala’s playing his flute, Badger’s bashing away on the drums and Squirrel’s strumming on the guitar. Even the smallest toddler will enjoy the wonderfully silly animal antics in this book, so join in and sing and dance along -you’ve never been to a gig like it! Trademark Julia Donaldson rhymes and rhythms accompanied by Nick Sharratt’s mischievous and funny illustrations make this bright and playful book a sure winner. Animal Music is perfect for reading out loud!

Paperback Book

24 pages

Published: 2014 by Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9781447210955

Dimensions: 243 x 216 x 3mm

Author(s): Julia Donaldson


Animal Music Paperback Book Edition by Julia Donaldson

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