Animal Record Breakers

Animal Record Breakers


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Packed with amazing infographics and awesome stats, this best-selling series has a fun and accessible world-record book approach. With bold and colourful illustrations, eye-catching photographs and the latest expert research, Record Breakers books are the perfect purchase for kids who love brain-bending facts! From man-eating sharks to snakes that grow longer than buses, check out the greatest record breakers of the animal world! This book is packed with awesome and extreme creatures, on land, in the sea and in the sky. Discover the fastest, the biggest, the tiniest and the deadliest animals in the world! Statistics are presented through colourful graphics, with lots of freaky facts to fascinate.

Paperback Book

112 pages

Published: 2018 by Carlton Books

ISBN: 9781783123827

Dimensions: 206 x 269 x 18mm

Author(s): Steve Parker


Animal Record Breakers Paperback Book Edition by Steve Parker

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