Animal Ultimate Sticker Book

Animal Ultimate Sticker Book



This ultimate animal sticker book, filled with amazing creatures, is great for children who love nature books. With over 60 reusable stickers, you can stick a snake on a suitcase, paste a pig on your notebook, or fasten a furry lemur on your folder. Packed with fun facts and interesting information for budding biologists, children can expand their knowledge and get creative with this animal activity book. Children can discover all sorts of different animals, from favourites, such as lions, to more unusual animals, such as the ocelot. Find out how long a hippopotamus can stay underwater, what a female elephant is called, and how sand cats stop themselves sinking in the desert. With a mixture of photographs and illustrations each colourful sticker captures the creature’s individual character. With stickers that can be reused and moved, the Animal Ultimate Sticker Book is a perfect book for children aged 5 to 7 fascinated by wildlife and the natural world.

Paperback Book

20 pages

Published: 2004 by Dorling Kindersley

ISBN: 9781405304450

Dimensions: 319 x 128 x 2mm

Author(s): DK


Animal Ultimate Sticker Book Paperback Book Edition by DK

Part of The Popular Series: Ultimate Stickers

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