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Award-winning poet Wes Magee’s fantastical and humourous rhyming text is vividly illustrated capturing strange and wonderful scenarios in each of the Topsy Turvy titles. Rhymes are a unique way of introducing children to the imaginative potential of stories, word play and craetivity. Coupled with detailed illustrations of a wild and wonderful topsy turvy world, this book provides a springboard for children to explore their imagination and develop their own reading and writing skills. Other titles in this series:* Topsy Turvy Journeys* Topsy Turvy Fairy Tales* Topsy Oceans

Hardback Book

24 pages

Published: 2016 by QED Publishing

ISBN: 9781784935962

Dimensions: 225 x 293 x 9mm

Author(s): Wes Magee


Animals Hardback Book Edition by Wes Magee

Part of The Popular Series: Topsy Turvy World

Suggested Age Group(s):