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The next exciting title in our popular Maurice Pledger series. Meet a variety of wonderful animals from around the world through astonishing pop-ups and sounds. Hear the squeals of an orang-utan, the song of a dugong, the growl of a cheetah, the chuff of a snow leopard and the snarl of a wolverine, plus many more. Featuring the habitats of an Indonesian jungle, the Great Barrier Reef, an African savannah, the Himalayan mountains and the Arctic landscape.

Hardback Book

8 pages

Published: 2014 by Templar Publishing

ISBN: 9781848774247

Dimensions: 289 x 228 x 33mm

Author(s): Valerie Davies


Animals Hardback Book Edition by Valerie Davies

Part of The Popular Series: Sounds of the Wild

Suggested Age Group(s):