Anne Frank

Anne Frank



Anne Frank’s diary telling the story of her years in hiding from the Nazis has affected millions of people. But what was she like as a small girl, at home with her family and friends; at play and at school? And how did an ordinary little girl come to live such an extraordinary and tragically short life? In the first half of the book we meet Anne as a small child growing up with her family in Germany. Then we follow her flight to Holland to escape the Nazis; the German invasion and the gradual isolation, then outright persecution, of the Jewish population which forces the family into hiding; the years in the Secret Annex; and her last heart-breaking journey.

Paperback Book

40 pages, Full colour

Published: 2007 by Ebury Publishing

ISBN: 9780099409762

Dimensions: 239 x 261 x 4mm

Author(s): Josephine Poole


Anne Frank Paperback Book Edition by Josephine Poole

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