Antony and Cleopatra : Band 17/Diamond

Antony and Cleopatra : Band 17/Diamond



A beautiful and powerful, retelling of the ultimate love story, between Anthony and the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra. But when war reopens old wounds, even a love as strong as theirs will struggle to survive. Diamond/Band 17 books offer more complex, underlying themes to give opportunities for children to understand causes and points of view. Text type: Fiction from our literary heritage Curriculum links: English: fiction from the English literary heritage

Paperback Book

56 pages

Published: 2017 by HarperCollins Publishers

ISBN: 9780008179519

Dimensions: 152 x 277 x 6mm

Author(s): John Dougherty


Antony and Cleopatra : Band 17/Diamond Paperback Book Edition by John Dougherty

Part of The Popular Series: Collins Big Cat

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