AQA GCSE Business Studies Revision Lessons + CD

AQA GCSE Business Studies Revision Lessons + CD


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This photocopiable pack and CD provides you with ready made, interactive revision lessons and materials to help your students revise effectively for their exams. The pack includes lesson plans, teacher notes and engaging activities on all the key specification topics, plus a ‘revision journey’ so students can track their progress. An accompanying VLE-compatible CD-ROM contains all the content in the pack in pdf and Word format PLUS extra content including visual topic summaries, PowerPoints and MP3 podcasts. – Saves you time in the build-up to exams with planned lessons and resources on every key topic- Includes podcasts, Powerpoints, visual summaries and interactive activities to suit a range of learning styles- The CD-ROM gives your students and colleagues easy access to all the resources

Spiral Bound Book

103 pages, Black and white illustrations

Published: 2011 by Hodder Education

ISBN: 9781444133301

Dimensions: 319 x 251 x 44mm

Author(s): Diane Canwell


AQA GCSE Business Studies Revision Lessons + CD Spiral Bound Book Edition by Diane Canwell

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