AQA GCSE Home Economics Child Development

AQA GCSE Home Economics Child Development


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This AQA approved student book is written for the AQA’s GCSE Home Economics: Child Development specification, with real emphasis on developing students’ child study skills. Offers support and guidance for Controlled Assessment with a dedicated section to develop the investigative and analytical skills required, as well as providing support for teaching this new element. Includes practice questions, specimen answers and study tips to help prepare students fortheir exams. Sandy Green is a highly regarded author, trainer and experienced teacher in the field of Child Development.

Paperback Book

240 pages

Published: 2009 by Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9781408504147

Dimensions: 264 x 195 x 11mm

Author(s): Sandy Green


AQA GCSE Home Economics Child Development Paperback Book Edition by Sandy Green

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