AQA GCSE Physics 9-1 Grade 5 Booster Workbook

AQA GCSE Physics 9-1 Grade 5 Booster Workbook


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This Workbook will support and motivate students to reach their full potential with targeted questions and support. * Provides plenty of practice opportunities for short- and long-answer questions on every topic* Builds confidence with worked examples demonstrating how to answer different types of questions* Further support from hints and tips explaining command words, advising how to approach questions and more The questions begin with confidence-building, lower demand questions and they are ramped throughout each topic. The workbook provides coverage of maths and practical skills as well as offering synoptic questions. The range of questions available encourages students to develop their skills in applying and analysing as well as recall. Frequent support notes provide hints and tips on strategies for decoding questions (for example by identifying key words in the question), key terminology, and how to write explanations and give the right amount of detail.

Paperback Book

168 pages

Published: 2016 by HarperCollins Publishers

ISBN: 9780008194383

Dimensions: 195 x 308 x 10mm

Author(s): Stephanie Grant


AQA GCSE Physics 9-1 Grade 5 Booster Workbook Paperback Book Edition by Stephanie Grant

Part of The Popular Series: GCSE Science 9-1

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