AQA GCSE Physics Revision Guide

AQA GCSE Physics Revision Guide


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Oxford’s AQA GCSE Science is a complete match to the new 2011 AQA GCSE science specifications. It provides more assessment, better engagement and extra help with delivery so your students can achieve the best grades. The GCSE Physics Revision Guide contains a wealth of activities to help students prepare for their exams and reach their potential.

Paperback Book

208 pages

Published: 2012 by Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199136094

Dimensions: 295 x 209 x 12mm

Author(s): Bone, Graham (Author)~Brimicombe, Michael (Author)


AQA GCSE Physics Revision Guide Paperback Book Edition by Bone, Graham (Author)~Brimicombe, Michael (Author)

Suggested Age Group(s): Older Kids