Are You Sure, Mother Bear?

Are You Sure, Mother Bear?



Will everything I love still be there when I wake? Mother Bear’s absolute reassurance – and an unexpected outing – enables a little cub to sleep in a masterful bedtime story. From author Amy Hest and artist Lauren Tobia comes a warm and touching story that is sure to comfort all little bears before bedtime. On the first night of winter, Little Miss Bear will not go to sleep. She simply refuses. “Winter is for sleeping,” Mother Bear tells her. “All bears sleep, all winter long.” But all winter long is much too long for Little Miss Bear. She is going to miss her stars and her moon, and she is going to miss rolling on her hills. Most of all, she is going to miss her Mother Bear. Can Mother Bear reassure her that they will all be there waiting for her when she wakes in the spring?

Paperback Book

32 pages

Published: 2017 by Walker Books

ISBN: 9781406378078

Dimensions: 231 x 270 x 6mm

Author(s): Amy Hest


Are You Sure, Mother Bear? Paperback Book Edition by Amy Hest

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