Around the World in 80 Days

Around the World in 80 Days


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Set off with Phileas Fogg and his manservant on a race to circumnavigate the globe in just eighty days! Travelling by steamboat, train, and even elephant, the intrepid duo find themselves rescuing a young Indian woman from sacrifice, escaping kidnap, and battling hurricane winds – and all the while, tenacious Detective Fix of Scotland Yard is in hot pursuit, believing Fogg to be the criminal mastermind behind a Bank of England robbery. Rich in humour and excitement, Around the World in Eighty Days deservedly remains one of Jules Verne’s most popular books.

Hardback Book

224 pages

Published: 2011 by Templar Publishing

ISBN: 9781848776203

Dimensions: 240 x 205 x 34mm

Author(s): Jules Verne


Around the World in 80 Days Hardback Book Edition by Jules Verne

Part of The Popular Series: Templar Classics: Ingpen

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