Art A Children’s Encyclopedia

Art A Children’s Encyclopedia



This beautiful art book for children charts the evolution of the greatest cultural achievements in painting, sculpture and photography. Art: A Children’s Encyclopedia traces the development of painting, from prehistoric cave drawings to the Mona Lisa to contemporary street art. Get to grips with world-famous sculptures, including the Terracotta Army and Michelangelo’s David. Find out about photography, from pinhole cameras to digital imagery and iconic photography such as Neil Leifer’s Ali versus Liston. With amazing facts, clear explanations, and stunning photography, Art: A Children’s Encyclopedia is the essential introduction to the art world for children.

Hardback Book

208 pages

Published: 2017 by Dorling Kindersley

ISBN: 9780241297650

Dimensions: 286 x 221 x 19mm

Author(s): DK


Art A Children’s Encyclopedia Hardback Book Edition by DK

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