Art and Culture

Art and Culture


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A new cross-curricular series full of exciting creative ideas and activities. Each set of activities is based around a colourful in-class display to create with students. Each book explains all steps allowing teachers to effectively create and display students’ work. * Each book contains a large number of creative and display-related activities to support learning and enliven teaching. * Each activity has Cross-curricular links and extensions to follow on from the detailed teaching guidance, and cover the entire curriculum from PE to Food Tech, D&T to Literacy, Music to Science, Geography to PSHE. * All pages also have detailed supporting photos of the separate activities and creative activities involved in the teaching of the Create and Display lesson material.

Paperback Book

72 pages

Published: 2011 by Scholastic

ISBN: 9781407125275

Dimensions: 212 x 297 x 4mm

Author(s): Claire Tinker


Art and Culture Paperback Book Edition by Claire Tinker

Part of The Popular Series: Create & Display Interactive

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