Art Book About Portraits

Art Book About Portraits



Examine a gallery of famous portraits and learn the stories behind them, while finding out fascinating information about the artists and the people they painted. With the rise of the ‘selfie’ and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, modern-day portraits have become incredibly popular and this book is a brilliant guide to their origin. Learn how Shah Jahan, an Indian artist, used real gold in his portrait to convey the importance of his subject, and how Frida Kahlo experimented with distorting mirrors to show her face in a different way, while painting a self portrait. What is a portrait? What forms do portraits come in? Why are portraits so popular? Find out the answers to these intriguing questions in this detailed information book with breath-taking oil paintings, photographs and illustrations.

Paperback Book

48 pages, full colour throughout

Published: 2017 by Usborne Books

ISBN: 9781409598688

Dimensions: 205 x 262 x 10mm

Author(s): Rosie Dickins


Art Book About Portraits Paperback Book Edition by Rosie Dickins

Part of The Popular Series: My Very First Books

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