Arty! The Artist and the Robot

Arty! The Artist and the Robot


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Your favourite artist frog is BACK with a new adventureArty is an artist. He is also the greatest artist in the world. But even the greatest artists in the world have to do their chores. . . Arty is enjoying a shopping trip, trying not to think of all the things he has to do at home, when he sees a robot in a window. What does this robot do?It speaks FOURTEEN different languages! Boring! It can count BACKWARDS from one thousand! Yawwwwn! It can beat any GRAND MASTER at chess! Who cares?It can use a VACUUM CLEANER! Brilliant! ! ! ! Arty sets to work getting the robot to dust and tidy, to polish and scrub. Will this give him more time to paint or can the robot do that too?Another hilarious rib-tickler of a story involving everybody’s favourite lazy frog!

Paperback Book

32 pages, Illustrated throughout

Published: 2019 by Pavilion Books

ISBN: 9781843654353


Author(s): William Bee


Arty! The Artist and the Robot Paperback Book Edition by William Bee

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