Assessing Receptive Vocabulary Age 4-5

Assessing Receptive Vocabulary Age 4-5


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Close the word gap with 30 colourful illustrated word lists for reception and early years. Use popular and curriculum topics flexibly as matching pairs, pre-teach activities or on word walls. Send the vocabulary lists home to encourage discussion and topic knowledge. Check for understanding with half termly tests. 300 illustrated words grouped by topic give children a rich, relevant vocabulary that will support their learning. Topics – photocopy, download and edit! 1. My clothes 2. My face 3. My body 4. Birthdays 5. Pets 6. Buildings 7. Places 8. Materials 9. Rainy day 10. Snowy day 11. At the seaside 12. In the garden 13. In the countryside 14. At the park 15. On the train 16. On the road 17. On the farm 18. Travelling 19. Seasons and weather 20. Night-time 21. In the sky 22. In the sea 23. At the pool 24. In the jungle 25. In space 26. At the shops 27. Rivers and streams 28. Castles and palaces 29. People who help us 30. Story characters

Mixed Media Pack

163 pages

Published: 2018 by HarperCollins Publishers

ISBN: 9780008311476

Dimensions: 212 x 298 x 16mm

Author(s): Clare Dowdall


Assessing Receptive Vocabulary Age 4-5 Mixed Media Pack Edition by Clare Dowdall

Part of The Popular Series: Collins Tests & Assessment

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