How do astronomers study planets, stars and galaxies? What are rovers and where have they landed? How do different telescopes work? What is a nebula? Beginner readers can find out the answers in this book, along with lots more fascinating facts. Amazing photographs and illustrations are combined with simple, easy-to-read text and a glossary explaining all the specialist terms used. Find out more about astronomy and stargazing online via Usborne Quicklinks, where you can find out what to see and when, as well as see the latest images captured by telescopes and rovers.

Hardback Book

32 pages, Full colour throughout

Published: 2014 by Usborne Books

ISBN: 9781409565246

Dimensions: 212 x 156 x 7mm

Author(s): Emily Bone


Astronomy Hardback Book Edition by Emily Bone

Part of The Popular Series: Beginners Series

Suggested Age Group(s): 3 to 5 year olds,