At Home With Writing

At Home With Writing


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At Home With Colours is full of learning activities for young children to do at home. Children, from 3 years old, will learn how to use a pencil confidently and neatly through colouring and matching activities. The book uses a variety of fun tasks to introduce new letters, by saying the letter, tracing it and then writing it independently. The fun illustrations encourage using a pencil in a controlled way and improve hand-eye coordination. Usefultips support adults so that they can encourage learning gently – plus there are more than enough funky stickers to reward your child as they complete each activity! This book is ideal to build confidence in writing for a child’s first years at school.

Mixed Media Pack

32 pages, Full Colour

Published: 2012 by Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780192733269

Dimensions: 59 x 28 x 3mm

Author(s): Jenny Ackland


At Home With Writing Mixed Media Pack Edition by Jenny Ackland

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