Baby Lamb

Baby Lamb


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Baby Lamb judt loves to gambol in the meadow with her baby animal buddies. Join in with Lamb as she collects her friends, picks daisies, chews on a grassy lunch and blows kisses. The sweet rhyming text encourages the child to take part in Lamb’s playtime and interact with their new puppet friend. This is the fourth title in the popular puppet book series, whose first title, Snuggle Bunny, is shortlisted for the 2011 Sheffield Baby Book Award.

Hardback Book

10 pages

Published: 2012 by Templar Publishing

ISBN: 9781848771475

Dimensions: 272 x 272 x 15mm

Author(s): Emma Goldhawk


Baby Lamb Hardback Book Edition by Emma Goldhawk

Suggested Age Group(s): Babies, Toddlers,