Baby’s First Book of Prayers

Baby’s First Book of Prayers


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This sturdy little board book is a very special gift for a baby or toddler. It features 13 carefully written, simple prayers and bright, joyful illustrations that will encourage children to talk to God. It includes offerings of thanks for each new day and the food we eat, the joys that are brought by animals and plants and by the sun and the moon in the sky, wishes for our family and friends and others around the world, and a special prayer to keep us safe while sleeping. It is perfect for reading aloud to little ones, or for more confident readers to enjoy by themselves. This charmingly illustrated book is an inspiring collection of prayers and devotions that any child will love to use, either by themselves or with loved ones. Containing prayers that are suited to every mood and occasion, the book offers blessings on waking, thoughts for times of joy and thankfulness, hopes for the future, and prayers to help others and to end suffering. Pretty pictures on every page convey the wonder and beauty of God’s creation, including animals, family and friends, and will fill young readers with a sense of peace and happiness.

Board Book

24 pages, illustrations throughout

Published: 2013 by Anness Publishing

ISBN: 9781861473400

Dimensions: 157 x 122 x 26mm

Author(s): Jan Lewis


Baby’s First Book of Prayers Board Book Edition by Jan Lewis

Suggested Age Group(s): Babies,