Bad Becky in Trouble

Bad Becky in Trouble



Bad Becky is cheeky (but charming), opinionated and always in some kind of trouble. But you can’t help loving her! I mean wouldn’t you rather hear a story about a princess who gets gobbled up by the dragon rather than another soppy one wher the prince saves the princess? And if a magician at a party was rubbish wouldn’t you point it out? And who wants their horrible Great Aunt Mildred visiting? So really, Becky is just doing everyone a favour. . . A wickedly funny new series for readers gaining confidence. Bad Becky’s got attitude!

Paperback Book

96 pages

Published: 2005 by Penguin Books

ISBN: 9780141318080

Dimensions: 200 x 127 x 8mm

Author(s): Gervase Phinn


Bad Becky in Trouble Paperback Book Edition by Gervase Phinn

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