Bad Kitty

Bad Kitty


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Jas thinks that everyone has a super power. Everyone, that is, except herself – unless you count her extraordinary ability to get herself in trouble. But the last thing Jas expected to do on her family holiday in glitzy Las Vegas was to survive a cat attack and solve a celebrity murder mystery. As she finds herself tracking an unknown killer through a bevy of Vegas parties, Jas develops a huge crush on the possibly evil – but GORGEOUS – Jack, and manages to collect some valuable life lessons for her Summer Meaningful Reflection Journal along the way. Little Life Lesson Number 5: when you go to prison, try not to be wearing a bikini. But despite a few ‘mishaps’, Jas finally solves the case. And to top it all off, Jack ISN’T evil, and has a bit of a crush on Jas too. Perhaps she does have some super powers after all. . .

Paperback Book

320 pages

Published: 2006 by Penguin Books

ISBN: 9780141319766

Dimensions: 197 x 129 x 22mm

Author(s): Michele Jaffe


Bad Kitty Paperback Book Edition by Michele Jaffe

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