Bad Manners, Benjie

Bad Manners, Benjie


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Boris has a new friend called Benji. He really likes Benji – but he doesn’t like his manners at all! Benjie eats with his mouth closed, rather than slurping and slobbering. He doesn’t try to do a bigger trouser trump than Boris. He even offers his seat to someone else on the bus! When Benjie uses a handkerchief to blow his nose, and doesn’t even look to see what’s inside it, enough is enough. Boris has to say something.

Paperback Book

32 pages, Yes

Published: 2014 by Templar Publishing

ISBN: 9781848122345

Dimensions: 211 x 276 x 3mm

Author(s): Lynne Garner


Bad Manners, Benjie Paperback Book Edition by Lynne Garner

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