Badger and the Great Journey

Badger and the Great Journey


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Badger and friends are enjoying a glorious day in the warm summer sun when they discover the stream has run dry! Badger has a plan to find water, but the journey will be long, hot and hard. Can the friends find water before it’s too late?Badger and the Great Journey is an exciting adventure about friendship, courage and water conservation. Fans of Badger and the Great Storm and Badger and the Great Rescue will love this charming sequel, featuring the bright and heart-warming illustrations of Caroline Pedler (Don’t Wake the Bear, Hare! and A Mouse So Small).

Hardback Book

32 pages

Published: 2017 by Little Tiger Press Group

ISBN: 9781848694453

Dimensions: 289 x 254 x 10mm

Author(s): Suzanne Chiew


Badger and the Great Journey Hardback Book Edition by Suzanne Chiew

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