Ball and Book : Level 2 (Kg)

Ball and Book : Level 2 (Kg)


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Collins Arabic Big Cat is a guided reading series for ages 3 to 11. The series is structured with reference to the learning progression of Arabic at nursery and primary schools researched especially for Collins. This carefully graded approach allows children to build up their reading knowledge of Arabic step by step. Level 2 books introduce simple one- and two-syllable words for children to read based on key syllables and phonic patterns. Ball and book features alliterating word pairs on each spread to help children learn to recognise and read initial letters. Word pairs are shown in very short combinations with a fun illustration or cartoon. Lively and engaging illustrations to keep children interested.

Paperback Book

16 pages

Published: 2016 by HarperCollins Publishers

ISBN: 9780008156299

Dimensions: 172 x 213 x 3mm

Author(s): Mahmoud Gaafar


Ball and Book : Level 2 (Kg) Paperback Book Edition by Mahmoud Gaafar

Part of The Popular Series: Collins Big Cat Arabic Reading Programme

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