Ballerina : A Step-by-Step Guide to Ballet

Ballerina : A Step-by-Step Guide to Ballet



Find everything your child needs to know to improve their ballet in this book and DVD from Director of the English National Ballet School, Jane Hackett. From first position to en pointe, the book shows detailed step-by-step photographs of how young ballerinas can improve on each position whatever their age or stage; making it enjoyable and easy to perfect their style. Discover the best things to wear to class, how to combine positions and even how to choreograph a ballet. Watch the DVD together and see the ballet steps and individual dances in motion, then have fun helping your child practise as they watch.

Hardback Book

80 pages

Published: 2008 by Dorling Kindersley

ISBN: 9781405319805

Dimensions: 283 x 222 x 11mm

Author(s): Jane Hackett


Ballerina : A Step-by-Step Guide to Ballet Hardback Book Edition by Jane Hackett

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