Ballet Star

Ballet Star



When her grandmother takes her to watch the ballet, Star is captivated by the ballerinas in their beautiful dresses and decides that she wants to be just like the graceful girls on stage. A week later she is given a pink leotard, a little floaty skirt, pale pink tights and pretty ballet shoes. She begins her ballet lessons and learns about standing in first position, pointing her toes and balancing – but soon realizes that it’s going to take a very long time, and a lot of hard work. Fortunately, granny has some wise words of encouragement. . . This delightful tale, told in simple language and illustrated with enchanting drawings throughout, makes a lovely first storybook for young readers. A glittery finish on the cover makes this volume a pleasure to read, and it is sure to inspire every little girl who dreams of becoming a ballet star.

Board Book

14 pages, Illustrations throughout

Published: 2017 by Anness Publishing

ISBN: 9781861478535

Dimensions: 169 x 167 x 23mm

Author(s): Nicola Baxter


Ballet Star Board Book Edition by Nicola Baxter

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