Bamba Beach

Bamba Beach



Hari’s family are fisher folk, but with no fish left in their bay, times are hard. In order to catch the ones further out they need a flat-bottomed boat with an outboard motor, not a rickety, coconut-wood vessel. But in order to get one of these they need capital, and in order to get capital they need to sell fish…Hari is a boy with a heart of gold, who rises above his humble origins, striving to help his family and show everyone that family feuds and village superstitions are better off forgotten. Bamba Beach is a contemporary Indian story set in Goa.

Paperback Book

80 pages

Published: 2009 by Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781408108956

Dimensions: 198 x 132 x 7mm

Author(s): Pratima Mitchell


Bamba Beach Paperback Book Edition by Pratima Mitchell

Part of The Popular Series: White Wolves: Stories from Different Cultures

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